Friday, December 30, 2011


Bubba & Nancy took us all to Sun Valley!! It was a blast! I loved it! We played games and ate and laughed and ate and laughed... and ATE!!! I loved being with my future family! I love everyone of them! We went skiing up at the resort it was so much fun! The snow wasn't that good but we had a blast!! Little Carter skiied for a lil bit he looked so cute!! We went bowling and also went and saw all the ice sculptures and lights around town! This was a very memorable trip! Thank you so much Bubba and Nancy!! LOVES

Look Babe.. We got our own deck!!... Little did he know it was only a closet!

Bowling with the Family!

Jordan playing the games!
Berk's first Strike!

Doing.. what Carter~Bug does.
Bubba is ready to eat!!

Nancy's Christmas Present!
Our Pjs we all got!

Time for Skiing!!

Cute lil Carter~Bug getting ready to ski!
Bubba styling it up!!

All our Skiis!

My Christmas Present... And I LOVE THEM!!

After Ski naps are the best!!

Hot Tubbin it up!!


 Watching the Aggies Bowl
 Zach hoping the Aggies will pull it off!!....
 But like always they lost... So now he is crying about it!

 This was a blast!! Thank you do much Bubba & Nancy for everything! It was the best trip ever!! XoXo

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