Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guess What...

We are Expecting!!! We are going to have a BABY!!! And we couldn't be more excited!! I came home from work and took a test and I'm used to it not turning positive so I just sat it down i caught a glimpse of it and thought no way it was postitive! I came and sat on the couch speech-less than tears came down my face! I looked down at my belly and a big smile came on my face! I look at Harvey and told him he was going to be a big brother.. I of course had to tell him first! Than I wanted to tell z ASAP but it was 4 more hours til he got off work! I wanted to drive there but I was still in shock! So I made him a card with DILF on the front and in it it said congrats on making a human with your genitals.. We can't be serious!! I kept texting him every 5 mins asking him where he was... He finally got home and I was standing on the doorstep and he was like what so I said don't be mad he said... What did you break... Ha of course! I said just don't be mad he came in and saw the card he picked it up and the preggo test fell out! He was very excited but in shock also! He made me pee on 3 different sticks in front of him to prove it haha and I did!  We are very very excited to become parents!! 

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