Sunday, March 30, 2014


Little Berlyn wasn't as active as she has been yesterday. She is usually very active at 9pm and I was doing the fetal movement count. And she wasn't getting what she usually does so we decided to go do a NST at tremontan because Dr Andres told us if any change at all to come in cause we didn't come this long for something to happen. When we hooked her up to the monitor her Heartbeat was just a straight line not like she usually is. She did a decrease too which was a worry. They suggested we go down to the U to get monitor because the reading was borderline. So at 2 in the morning we headed down to salt lake thinking we are going to deliver. When we hooked her up her heartbeat was better. They monitored her for an hour and did a ultrasound to check everything out. The Resident detected that her heartrate dropped again so the OB team wanted to monitor her for 3 more hours. The bed was hard as a rock and zach was on a hard pull out couch. I only got a half n hour of sleep. At 830 we got the ok to go home. We were dead tired. I'm glad we have a few more days to keep her in. 

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