Thursday, May 26, 2011


Me and the Smith's headed to the Caribbean and went on a cruise! It was a BLAST! It was so nice to get away and have fun with some of my favorite people. We flew into Flordia a day early and stayed in a hotel... That night we walked over to Chilis for dinner and a huge rain/wind storm came in so we called our van dude and he came and picked us up!
  • This is what it looked like in the morning outside!

  • Welcome to Orlando! On our way to our Ship!!

  • The Carnival Dream Ship!!

  • First Day at Sea!
  • Welcome to Cozumel

  •  Next stop... Belize
    • We had to get on boats to get to the shore... We went to this place/ "Jungle" to see some monkeys... We got to feed them.. When it was my turn the monkey jumped off the tree and went right up to me and was scratching my legs to get his food.. so I got scared haha! Ha we almost died driving! They have to speed limit & they don't stop at stop signs I saw my life flash in front of me at least 5 times!!
  • Then we went to my favorite place... Roatan!
    • It was Beautiful here! Trees everywhere! We went to a beach and the water was clear blue! I snorkled for my first time it was so cool to see!

  • Our Last Stop..Costa Maya

  • Fun Things on The ship...

  • Towl Pets!

  • Fat-Move
  • It was so sad to leave and say goodbye to hot weather and relaxing! It was a perfect vacation! I had a blast Thanks for everything Smiths!!!


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