Thursday, November 14, 2013


It's that time again one of my fav times.. St George get away with the girls! It was a blast... From the hot hot sun, to the plays, to helping Mandi put on her ted-hose! We saw Mary poppins and star light express! They were really good.. But man was it hot! Poor aunt Bette got really really sick! She is one of the strongest ladies I know and didn't even complain at all! She finally gave in to going to the hospital.. After rest and antibiotics she was feeling a lot better! You gave us quiet a scare! Don't know what we would do without you!!! We went shopping of course and found a lot of good things! We made it to Swig and I am obsessed!! Dirty-diet-coke there Is like nothing you've ever tasted on top of it best sugar cookies too! I am so thankful for such a fun caring family! I had a blast and love those girls more than anything! 
On our way home... Nancy got pulled over haha! She's never been pulled over before.. She was going way fast and told the officer she was "just going with the flow of the traffic" the officer was nice and did knock down a few miles for her haha 

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