Friday, March 7, 2014


The past few days I have felt that baby Berlyn wasn't moving and as active as she has been. I kept it off til today and got a little worried cause I knew it was different. So I called Dr. Andres and let him know everything and he said I want you to come in and well just take a look. So I got there and they hooked me up to the non stress test. She wouldn't raise her heart rate... But she never does so they buzzed her about 3 times but it still didn't go up. So they did the ultra-sound to look at things. They count movements and watch her breathing. We got the breathing but she wasn't as active on her movements. She watched Berlyn closely for 40 mins then left and came in with another tech she said she just wanted to show her something. I got worried!! But what they were looking at was my aorta you could see it the first tech has never seen one before. They said that it was fine and normal.. I still am confused about that. Then she said she'll run everything by Dr. Andres to make sure I'm good to go home. She came back in and said he wants to talk to you. I got way worried zach was still at work and I had no idea what was gonna happen. He came in and I told him how it's different and he said it is different to him too. He wanted me to go to labor and delivery and be monitored for 2-3 hours. He also said be prepared we might be going down to the U to deliver. So I called zach who is leaving work in Logan to come and be prepared. They took me over to labor and delivery and sat me up zach got there... He was stressed he had a bag packed it was cute. He grabbed stuff for me and him. We got monitored for 3 hours and I was starving and they wouldn't let me eat because I was maybe going to deliver. All I wanted was Chinese food haha. They finally came in and said Dr. Andres said it's ok to go home but we will start seeing him twice a week now. It was a relief zach thought for sure we were delivering tonight. We left 6 hours later and I went and scarfed down Panda Express in 2 secs ha. We are hoping she'll stay in there a few more weeks so she can get bigger. We are grateful for everyone praying and thinking about us. We can definately feel it and appreciate everyone of you. 

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