Saturday, March 15, 2014


We got our MRI done the other day. I was so glad they got me in while she was still in me because if not they would of had to sedate her. They gave me the weirdest things to wear. The normal hospital gown but also pants that were huge and a hospital robe. I looked hilarious zach took a picture and I seriously look like a midget. It is the funniest picture ever. We were in the changing room for like 5 mins laughing at it! 
The tech said he got some really good pictures of her brain. We will have to wait til our appointment Monday to find out what it says. I also got my NST done and everything still looked good! I have varicose veins and let me tell you it is beyond PAINFUL! I walk like I pooped my pants but it hurts so bad I don't even care. I keep having a feeling I'm going to be delivering really soon. I have a feeling on Monday when we go he is going to say k we are delivering tomorrow. Or within a week. I hope not though i would like 2 more weeks but we will see... 
Zach also painted my toenails! He did a really good job! 

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  1. you get your vericous veins from me and Great Gpa, , cute toes, what a man. love ya