Thursday, April 10, 2014


Sweet Berlyn had another good day today! I am loving these good days. She opened her eyes even wider today But it's still only a little I finally saw an eyeball in there. Great news! She is doing tummy time and loves it! They are giving her more food now 5 ml from 2! She's been loving her food!! Her labs came back great and have been stable!! They cut her kidney medicine in half and that was helping keep her sodium loss down but it is coming down even with lowering the dosage!! The goal was to ween her off the ventilator today which she met so they switched to another ventilator which is really good.  The goal is to allow us to hold her tomorrow!!!! But it depends still how everything goes but still this is HUGE to me!! Even if it's not tomorrow there's still a light to that and I can't wait! She was snoring tonight it was the best sound ever. We haven't heard any noise from her so this was great. It was hilarious It was thee cutest thing in the world!! She looks beautiful as ever today!!! We love her so much and are so blessed to have her! 

Look at the long pinky toe it is hilarious we have no idea where she got it from! 

Oh and zach is getting WHITE hair!! He is officially an old man! Oh the joys of being a dad! 

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  1. Blessings just keep coming your way, you are the best parents ever, I can't wait to see her in your arms.xoxoxox