Friday, April 11, 2014!

Today was the Best day of my life... We finally got to hold our sweet baby girl!! It was the best feeling in the entire world. I needed it so bad and I think she did too. She has been doing so so great today too. They turned her ventilator down to room air and she was doing really good on it. She also pooped which is so great. We've never been more excited about someone pooping before :)! They did an ultrasound to make sure she has all of her organs and she does. They did however notice a tiny blot clot due to one of the lines being in her. They weren't too worried said it's common and will keep a close eye on it so hopefully it will just go away so she doesn't have to do radiation. They finally have the genetics testing back but it hasn't been finalized all they know right know is it's chromosome 6 which is very rare.. Of course everything she has is rare. They said they'll know more and we will meet with the genetists on Monday. They said he is pretty certain it is not fatal which was the only thing I was worried about but if he finds out it is he will meet with us  sooner I just have a strong good feeling it's not. Zach had to go back to work so he won't see her for two days it was the worse thing having him leave because I need him here. It was so sad watching him say goodbye to Berlyn he is so sweet with her I am so lucky to have him  I got to help bath her tonight. She doesn't like it she mean muggins us the whole time but I know after she is glad. I was washing her bum and she wouldn't stop popping her face was hilarious! They put a really cute headband on tonight she looks beautiful as ever! Such a great day we love her so so much! 
We faced time z (dad) to watch her take a bath and to read her his story to her! We miss him! My mom is taking great care of me while he gone. She had to say our family prayer tonight because I am too emotional and will just cry the whole time. During the prayer Berlyn squeezed my mom hand tight. It was a special moment she loves her grandma and heard the prayer. 

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