Sunday, April 20, 2014


Its sweet berlyns first Easter! The Easter bunny sure found her... She got spoiled! She looked absolutely beautiful today! We went to church at primary's and right when you walked in you felt the strong presence of the spirit in there. I lasted til right after the sacrament. Then I completely lost it and listened to the rest in the hallway. She has had a good day other than a few desats where they have had to bag her. They are thinking a lot of it is acid reflux because it always happens during feedings. So they will give her 18mls every 4 hours instead of every 2 hours and hopefully that will fix it. It scares me to death when the machine does a red blinking light saying she's desating. She is 3lbs and 1oz today and 17.75 inches long. The nurse practitioner asked zach if he could go in the other room to talk. He didn't ask me and I just immediately got sick. They are concerned about her gaining weight because she is having a hard time. He said that maybe we should push the surgery that's on tues back even further until she gains more. Which I am totally for!! He did say you guys need to keep in mind if she doesn't gain and doesn't get better than we will have options to decide what to do. So if you can please pray for Berlyn to start gaining weight we would really appreciate it! We both still have a good/calm feeling about her but it is exhausting. I was so blessed to get to spend Easter with my little family. I am so grateful that I will get to be with them for eternity because of him. I owe everything to him. I am beyond thankful for him. I couldn't do it without him. I am so so bless he sent Berlyn to us. I hope you all had a great Easter!! 


  1. Such a cute family! Glad you are feeling better Jamie and that Berlyn is doing so well.

  2. what a great picture of you all, love you !