Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Today was our last visit at primary's.. Well until baby Berlyn gets here than we will live at primary's. Everything still looks the same. It is sounding like they will put a shunt in before we get to take her home. But they don't know for sure till she is here. We got to take a tour of where I'll be and where she will be. This was very comforting being able to see the rooms where I'll deliver and where baby Berlyn will go. We saw the newborns with heart issues it was heart breaking seeing them hooked up to so many machines. We will be able to hold her when she's in the icu unless she has a breathing tube so that was nice to hear. The rooms are pretty good size but with all the monitors hooked up to the babies only 3 people can be in the room. I keep telling myself I am prepared to what is going to come... But I don't think I know what I'm getting into. I am trying to be strong and I know Heavenly Father is by our sides helping us. But it is still very hard and emotional for me. We only have 2 more months!! I am hoping she will be full term just so that benefits her with her heart and lungs forming. I am shooting for her to weigh above 5 pounds. Right now she is 2 pounds so she better start gaining for me. I love this girl so much and I haven't really met her yet. I wish I could switch her places and take all of this from her so she could be a healthy normal baby. I have to thank her though. She has made me a better person I look at life a lot differently. I cherish it a lot more and have grown even closer to my Heavenly Father. I even notice her bringing both our families closer. She is such a sweet spirit. I know she'll touch a lot more lives than she already has. I am honored to be her mom. 
32 weeks along

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  1. You are such a strong amazing woman!!! We are all lucky to know you and be with you on this journey!!! You are such a great example of faith and strength